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Professional 110 Slide & Negative Scanning Service

110 Slide Scanning Service


110 Negative Scanning Service

110 Slide Pricing

2000 DPI: $0.52 Per Slide
3000 DPI: $0.55 Per Slide
4000 DPI: $0.58 Per Slide

110 Negative Pricing

2000 DPI: $1.03 Per Frame
3000 DPI: $1.33 Per Frame
4000 DPI: $1.48 Per Frame

*We will scan all frames on a strip


FREE Digital Color Correction


110 Slide | 110 Negative | Digital Color Correction

All 110 slides & negatives images will be digitally color corrected after they are scanned.

Standard Editing

Automated color balance, fade correction, contrast, brightness and image rotation.

Premium Editing

Premium correction gives individualized attention to each image, making it look as good as we can.

View Online & Organize Online

110 Slides | 110 Negative | Organize & Delete Online


View & Organize Online

Don't worry about organizing your 110 Slides & Negatives before you send them in. Select our online image organizer on the order form and once they are scanned and converted to digital images, you can organize them online.

Just select the online image organization on your order form.
Online Viewing Details

Scanning Resolution

110 Slide | 110 Negative | Resolution Guide

Scanning Resolution is one of the most important factors in determining the quality of your digital image. Scanning Resolution is similar to the concept of megapixels on a digital camera.

The higher your scanning resolution, the higher your quality.

See a sample of different scanning resolutions.

Resolution Suggestion

Because 110 format film is so small, we recommend scanning your 110 slides and 110 negatives at 3000 or 4000 dpi to get a higher quality scan.

The dimensions of scanned 110 film at 3000 dpi is 1936x1410.

The dimensions of 110 film scanned at 4000 dpi is 2585x1880.

Professional Equipment

We use the Nikon 5000 scanner for our 110 slides, which provides the same quality scan as the Nikon 9000 scanner which we use for our 110 Negatives. The only difference is that the Nikon 9000 can scan different format film.
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Not Your Type of Slide?

110 Slide | 110 Negative | What Film Type Do You Have

We scan all types of Slides & Negatives.

Here is a quick guide to determine your Slide type.
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Handling Fee's

For a full list of our handling fees Click Here

110 Slide 110 Negative Film

110 Slide Scanning Service

110 Negative Scanning Service




110 Slide

A 110 slide is mounted in a 2"x2" cardboard mount.

The film size inside the mount is
17mm x 13mm or
11/16" x 1/2".

110 Slide can also be referred to as 110 instamatic slide

110 Negative

110 Format Negatives frames are
13mm x 17mm or
1/2" x 11/16" in size.

110 Negative can also be referred to as 110 instamatic negative

110 Film is also commonly known as instamatic film

110 Slide Scanning Service | 1" Mount

1.25"x1.25" Mounted
110 Format Slides

110 slides that are in the small 1" x 1" mounts instead of the 2" mounts, are subject to a special handling fee of 30 cents per slide. For a full list of our handling fees Click Here


110 Instamatic Film Facts

The 110 instamatic cartridge was introduced by Kodak in 1972 with Kodak Pocket Instamatic cameras. 110 instamatic film is a miniaturized version of Kodak's earlier 126 instamatic film format.The new pocket-sized cameras became immediately popular, and soon displaced competing subminiature cameras, such as the Minolta 16 series, from the market.

Although the format is commonly associated with print film, Kodak also produced Kodachrome 110 instamatic slide film until 1982.

Canon, Minolta, Minox, Pentax, Rollei and others, as well as Kodak, offered sophisticated, expensive 110 instamatic cameras, with excellent multi-element focusing lenses and precise, electronically controlled exposure systems. Such cameras are capable of making high-quality images on 110 film.

110 Slide and Negative Scanning

It can feel overwhelming and scary to send your 110 negatives & slides to be scanned & converted to digital. We promise that we will treat your negatives & slides as if they were our own. We understand that having your negatives & slides scanned and converted to digital should only be done once. We promise that we will scan and convert your negatives with the highest quality scanning equipment performed by trained professionals.

110 Slide and 110 Negative Resources

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110 Slide | 110 Negative Scanning Service

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110 Slide Scanning Service | 110 Negative Scanning Serivce | What To Know When Scanning Film

Download Your Files

110 Slide | 110 Negative | Download Files | Cloud Upload

We will upload your files to the cloud or you can download the files from us!
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DVD Video Slideshow

110 Slide | 110 Negative | DVD Slideshow Video

Want to view your 110 slides & negatives on your TV? Add a DVD Video Slideshow! For more information about our DVD Slideshow offerings.

Scanned in the USA

We would never send your irreplaceable 110 Slides & Negatives outside the country like other companies do. We do all our negative scanning in the USA! . More Info

Getting Started

Getting your 110 Slide order ready to send in is easy!
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We are proud to say that we are the best scanning service in the USA. We offer high quality scanning services at a low cost. We take pride in our service, in our product and our results.

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