Larsen Digital | Scanning Service

Holiday Deadline

To receive Rush service, you MUST check the box on the order form for RUSH SERVICE.

Local customers who are using the drop off/pick up locations may add time to be completed. Please call us with questions.


Order too large to complete before the holidays? Call us for scheduling options


Service Quantity




35mm Slides

Standard Editing

1-1,500 1 week Yes Yes
1,500-3000 2 weeks Yes Yes
3,000+ Call Us Call Us Call Us

35mm Negatives

Standard Editing

1-500 1 week Yes Yes
500-1,500 2 weeks Yes Yes
1,501+ Call Us Yes Call Us

Photo Scanning

Standard Editing

1-2,000 1 week Yes Yes
3,001-5,000 2 weeks Yes Yes
5,000+ Call Us Yes Call Us

VHS Tape Transfer

1-5 1 week Yes Yes
6-20 2 weeks Yes Yes
21-40 Call Us Call Us Yes
41+ Call Us Call Us Call Us

Movie Film

8mm, Super8 & 16mm

1-2,000 ft 1 weeks Yes Yes
2,000-5,000 ft 2 weeks Yes Yes
5,000-10,000 ft 3 weeks Call Us Call Us
10,000+ ft Call Us Call Us Call Us

110 Negatives
126 Negatives
127 Slides and Negatives
Medium Format 120/220
Large Format 4x5 Film
Stereo Slides

Standard Editing

1-50 1 week Yes Yes
51-150 2 weeks Yes Yes
151-300 Call us Call Us Yes
300+ Call us Call us Call Us

PLEASE NOTE: All processing times start the day after we receive the order and end when the images are ready to ship or be uploaded to IOS for customer organization. Please allow an additional 3-5 business days for all DVD slideshows after IOS has been completed. Processing times are per CUSTOMER not per order. When choosing your shipping method, please keep these times in mind.

We MUST receive your material by the date listed above to have a Christmas Delivery
or have the images/videos uploaded online by Christmas.


IMPORTANT! For orders being completed near Christmas it may be necessary for you to choose UPS express shipment