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Digital Conversion of 35mm Sides, Super 35mm slides, Mounted 126 Format slides, Mounted 110 Format slides and Half Frame 35mm slides to DVD.

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2000 DPI: 52¢ Per Slide

3000 DPI: 55¢ Per Slide

4000 DPI: 58¢ Per Slide

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What Type of slide Do I have?

We can convert any type of slide you have.

The following slides are covered under the 35mm slide pricing.

Convert Slides to Digital |  35mm Slide Convert Slides to Digital |  110 Slide Convert Slides to Digital |  126 Slide Convert Slides to Digital |  Super 35mm Slide Convert Slides to Digital |  35mm Half Frame


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Useful Information

Order Form

Converting your slides to digital is easy! Easily Fill out our order form & we will take care of the rest! Order Form


Getting your slides ready to be converted to digital is simple! Check out our Prep Instructions.

Processing Time

Our Processing time to convert your slides to digital is based off our current back-log. Click here to see our current processing times.

Professional Equipment

We use the Nikon 5000 SuperCool Scan which is a professional grade scanner. Don't be fooled into cheap scans performed by cheap equipment . Examples

Slide Formats

We can scan and convert all different formats of Slides. 35mm slides, Super 35mm slides, 126 Format Slides (mounted), mounted 110 Format slides and Half Frame 35mm slides are all priced the same, and use the same Order Form.

Digital Color Editing

As slides age the dyes in the film begin to fade & degrade. Once your slides are converted to digital we can digitally color correct your images bringing them back to life. Examples

What we offer

  • 2000, 3000 & 4000 dpi
  • Two Editing Level Options
  • Image Rotation
  • Color Correction
  • Fade Restoration
  • Brightness Correction
  • Organized Groupings
  • DVD Video Slideshow
  • Professional Scanners
  • Digital Restoration
  • Online Image Organizer
  • Now you don't need to worry about organizing your slides before you send them in. Select our online image organizer on the order form and once they are converted to digital images, you can organize them online. It's so easy! More Info

  • Scanned in the USA
  • We would never send your irreplaceable slides outside the country like other companies do. We do all our conversion work right here in Utah. More Info

  • Slide Image Scanning
  • We are the #1 Image Scanning Company you will find! We provide slide image scanning service, negative image scanning, photo image scanning, stereo slide image scanning, 127 slide image scanning, 126 slide image scanning, 110 slide image scanning. If you have it, we can scan it!

  • There can be a confusion as to what type of disc you should choose for your conversion project. Data DVD's hold over 4GB worth of data and the only real difference between a CD and DVD is storage capacity. A CD can only hold approximately 700MB, which means a DVD can hold over 6x the data. A Data DVD is different than a DVD Video. A Data DVD holds data, such as digital images. A Video DVD is like a DVD you would watch on your TV using your DVD player. We call a Video DVD our "DVD Video Slideshow".


We are the #1 online scanning service that will convert slides to digital images. Digital Conversion of 35mm, 110, and 126 slides (mounted) to CD or DVD. Optical slide scanning resolutions of 2000, 3000, and 4000 dpi using Nikon Coolscan scanners. We convert all our slides locally, we would never send your film outside the USA like other companies offering bargain prices.

We convert slides to digital pictures

We are the premier provider of slide and film scanning services, 35mm negative slide scanning services, and slide scanning service. We convert negatives to digital photos, digitize old photos, convert 35mm negative to DVD's (DVD Picture Show, Photo DVD. We can convert your photos into industry standard file formats like JPEG (jpg) and TIFF (tif). We also convert movie film to digital, we even convert movie film to HD files.

But all of this is just the technical jargon for what we really do. We convert your priceless family memories on DVD so that your children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren can all benefit and enjoy their pictorial family history. The slide in your closet is deteriorating more and more everyday.
Why wait - get your slide out of the closet and have it converted for permanent restoration and preservation. Your slide is priceless. Make sure you have a professional scan service like Larsen Digital Service digitally restore and preserve your slide. If you have been hunting for a digital photo service - look no further. You have found the best ! Just read our client list and reviews to find out for yourself.

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