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Converting all your Slides and save them to a DVD

Digital Conversion of 35mm Sides, Super 35mm Slides, Mounted 126 Format Slides, Mounted 110 Format Slides and Half Frame 35mm Slides to DVD.

2000 DPI: 52¢ Per Slide

3000 DPI: 55¢ Per Slide

4000 DPI: 58¢ Per Slide

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Minimum Order $20 Details

Converting Slides to DVD | Convert Slide

What Type of Slides Do I have?

The following slides are covered under the 35mm slide conversion pricing.

Converting Slides to DVD | 35mm Slide Converting Slides to DVD | 110 Slide Converting Slides to DVD | 126 Slide Converting Slides to DVD | Super 35mm Slide Converting Slides to DVD | Converting 35mm Half Frame


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Useful Information

Order Form

All you need to do is estimate your quantity of slides & quickly fill out our Order Form


Getting your slide order ready to send in is easy! Check out our simple Prep Instructions.

Turn Around Time

Our turnaround time is based off our current back-log. Click here to see our current processing times.

Professional Equipment

We use the Nikon 5000 scanner for our slides, which provides the same quality scan as the Nikon 9000 scanner. The only difference is that the Nikon 9000 can scan larger format film. Click here to see an example of scanned images. Examples

Color Correction

All slides will be digitally color corrected once they have been scanned. Our standard color correction is included with all scanning services. If you feel that your slides have really faded and need extra help bringing them back to life you can order our premium service. Our premium offers individual corrections to give you the best image possible. Examples

Disc Types

There are many different types of discs available, it could make your head spin. A CD is a data disc where we save your digital images, it can hold 700MB. A Data DVD is just like a CD, only it is larger, with 4.6GB of disc space. The Data DVD will provide the same quality as a CD - but make sure your computer has a DVD drive. A Video DVD is just like a movie that you can watch on your TV. The best part about the DVD Video is that the movie features a custom video of all your digital images. The DVD Video makes a great addition to any order and makes a great gift for friends and family.

Video Slideshow

Putting your memories on the big screen!

Converting Slides to DVD | View Slides on your TV

Converting Slides to DVD | DVD Features


Jump Point

A Jump Point is a "Chapter" in your video. If you choose to have jump points we will create them based off the names you give each of your groups.

Title Slides

A title slide appears at the beginning of each Jump point and will announce the title of the images you are about to view. This is a wonderful feature when watching multiple jump points in a row.


Adding background music to your slideshow will really help it come to life. You can either choose from our library of royalty free music or send in your own music.

Main Menu Title

If you have a title for your entire project let us know in your special instructions and we will add it to your menu page. Customers choose things such as "Smith Family Memories" or "The Life of John Doe."

PC Slideshow

A PC Slideshow is just like a DVD Slideshow but it is formatted specifically for a PC and can display higher resolutions than a DVD.
*This disc is not playable in a TV or on a Mac.

Extra Disc Copies

Sharing your Video Slideshow with others is half the fun! Extra discs sets are inexpensive and work great as gifts for friends and family.

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