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Only $1.50 per GB!
We will send you a link where you can download your digital image, video files & audio files directly to your computer.


If you plan to download your images from either us, or a cloud provider, you need to have high speed internet, not dial up internet. To determine what internet speed you have, use this speed test.

Advantages to file downloads:

1- No waiting for discs to arrive in the mail.
2- When the file downloads, it will be saved to your home computer.
3- You can allow family & friends to download the files as well.
4- You don't have to worry about keeping track of the original discs.
5- Allows you to receive your order on days that FedEx, UPS & the Post Office do not deliver.

Why you may want your files uploaded to the cloud instead:

Instead of downloading your files from us, you can have your files uploaded to your personal cloud account. We are currently partnered Google Drive. Once we have scanned your digital images we can upload the digital images into your personal account. This way the files are immediately backed up on the cloud. If you want to keep a copy on your home computer (which we recommend) you will need to download the files from your cloud provider.

Both options are great, but you just need to decide which fits your needs the most.
*Please note that we do not upload MP4 video files to cloud provider Google Drive at this time.