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8mm Vintage Camera Review | Larsen Digital

8mm Vintage Camera Review

8mm Vintage Camera allows you to shoot vintage video in real time. You can take existing video on your iPhone or iPad and add a vintage overlay to it, or you can shoot live video.

There are many vintage themes to choose from, such as, the 20's, 60's, 50's, Noir, Indigo and now Tuscan.


Our Review

8mm Vintage Camera Review | Star Rating Reviewer: Kristin Harding
November 17, 2012

I love old film, old pictures, anything that feels dated & classic. I am a fan of any app that will take my digital photos and apply an antiqued effect to it. Imagine my delight when I stumbled across the 8mm vintage app. I love video, I am constantly taking videos of my kids doing the most mundane daily things. The 8mm Vintage app takes video clips and adds an antiqued effect to it, the options range from 60's & 70's warm glow, 1920's Black & White, a dark dirty noir theme, down to professional blue hues. Whatever theme you want to go with, this app probably will meet your needs.

After playing around with it for a while I had two complaints, 1) I wish I didn't have to record live video, I wish I could grab video from my camera roll & 2) I wish I could mute my current audio & add a flicker background which is classic to old movie film. After playing around a while I thought that I would hit the little "i" button and was amazed that my two little complaints were actually features they had included. I admit that I rarely read instructions first, I always jump right into a project and then when I am stuck, I go back & read instructions. I was very happy when I was able to pull videos saved on my phone since and even happier when it allowed me to add the flicker background noise to my video.

One thing that I think would really make this app great is to add some additional audio tracks reminiscent to earlier times, such as a 1920's flapper vibe, or 1940's noir theme.



8mm Vintage Camera Review | Star RatingReviewer: Christa Larsen
November 15, 2012

Working so hard to convert old 8mm film to a digital format, I found it ironic to be so fond of an app that is counteractive. With 8mm Vintage Camera, the ability is given to add an old feel to video being shot straight from your phone. You also have the opportunity to take videos that have been recorded in the past, and add fun effects to them. There are several themes to choose from including a 1920 black and white effect, and a 70s faded look. The app also contains options to have the frames "jitter" giving it a old school feeling, and it also gives you the choice to have the audio recorded or not, or even if you want a vintage movie film noise instead of sound, giving it an authentic feel. 8mm Vintage Camera can upload your finished products to Facebook and Youtube, and also allows you to save the videos to your camera roll, or email them to friends and family. This app is extremely fun for a unique touch to your memories, and as long as you read the info under the "I" button within the app, it is very user friendly.



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