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Handy Photo

Edit photos using powerful tools that are only found in high end photo editing software.


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Handy Photo Review | Star RatingReviewer: Christa Larsen
August 28, 2013

The app "Handy Photo" is just like its name. Handy! It has got to be one of my new favorite photo apps because it offers the best of both worlds when it comes to core photo editing and making your pictures fun!

When completing image corrections (which range from adjusting the brightness and saturation to cropping), you move a dot along a scroll bar to determine the strength of fixing your photo needs. It even offers a clone tool so you can easily remove blemishes or even people! I found that Handy Photo's scroll bars have the perfect sensitivity, and moved well to make your image editing as easy as possible.

My absolute favorite feature (although I haven't found it wholly necessary thus far) is the Magic Crop. It is super cool. Instead of cutting your picture down with an average crop, you can tell Handy Photo where you want to ADD to your image, and it intuitively creates imagery to add to the image. While this app is best used on photos that contain landscapes or monotonous backgrounds, I found this function to be awesome. I find that this tool would be most effective if the subject of your image was off centered, but you wanted to "move" the image to make the point of interest SEEM centered without losing out on size.

Handy Photo also allows you to use your creativity with its fun textures and frames. You can also use the cloning tool to take a portion from one photo and paste it onto a different image! The ONLY complaint I would have about the app is that I haven't figured out a way to save my edited picture as a NEW image in my gallery, it automatically re-writes over the old photo if you choose to save it to your gallery. The way I found around this was to email to edited image to myself, and THEN save it to my photos. (I personally always like to have originals on hand- especially when showing off my before and afters!)

Overall I felt that Handy Photo's smart features and detailed correction capabilities made for one of the best photo editing apps I have ever used. If it weren't for their one and only flaw, it would easily be a 5 star app, but still give it a strong 4.5 stars.

handy photo before and after


Handy Photo Review | Star Rating Reviewer: Kristin Harding
August 29, 2013

Handy Photo is a great app that stands out against the rest of the photo editing apps (thankfully). I have used numerous photo editing apps that apply fancy filters to photos but offer nothing else. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw all the great features offered by Handy Photo, many of which I haven't seen available from iphone or ipad apps.

I really like the nice tutorials which gave me a quick rundown on how to use the tools, because I didn't find everything to be completely intuitive. Some features are so unique (like magic crop) that it is probably necessary to watch the little tutorial. Magic crop is unique to Handy Photo, I have never come across an app that allows me to "un-crop" a photo. Although I do love this feature, it does have it's limitations. It is best used with repeating background such as grass, sky or plain walls. If there is a lot of stuff in the background then those object will be repeated when you un-crop your photo. To get around this, you can use their tool to remove unwanted images to get rid of unwanted things in the background. Their tool to remove unwanted images pretty slick, again it has it's limitations if the surrounding area has a lot of detail to it, but you would face that problem even in photoshop. The optimize selection tool worked great in cleaning up my sloppy lines and it was very quick and easy to make the changes to my photo.

I gave this app 4 stars only because I had to go back & watch the tutorial to remember exactly how to navigate all the tools from start to finish. Other than that, I thought this app was amazing I will definitely use it again.

handy photo review


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