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icorrect app review

iCorrect Review

iCorrect allows you to make real color corrections to your digital images on your iphone or ipad. This app doesn't rely on fancy overlays & effects to cover up bad photography. This app gives you the tools to fix your bad photography.


Our Review

iCorrect Review | Star RatingReviewer: Christa Larsen
January 31, 2013

Professional photo editing programs can cost you a fortune, but with the icorrect app made for the iPhone and iPad you come pretty close to owning professional software for only $2.99!

When you open an image in icorrect you can apply either an auto fix to your image, or make adjustments manually. I found that I preferred doing the manual fixes, as the auto correct didn't get the coloring quite right at times. The manual adjustments are fine tuned for accuracy, and I was amazed at what it could do.

I love that the app had so many details you could edit with from lightening shadows to fixing the hue in two color modes. It also had the most necessary and basic tools in adjusting brightness and contrast.

This has been my most favorite photo editing app that I've found. It is not only user friendly once you've read the instructions, but it is extremely cost friendly and offers very detailed adjustments to make your photos the best they can be.

icorrect before and after example
Details for image: scanned from print taken circa 1965 at 600 dpi


iCorrect Review | Star Rating Reviewer: Kristin Harding
January 28, 2013

I like to take pictures of my kids, and they are not always willing to assist me in finding good lighting before taking a photo. I am lucky if I can grab my phone fast enough & snap the picture before they get bored & move on. Many of my photos are taken with the blaring sun in the background, which leaves for a very dark picture of my kids. I have accepted this fact, and always intended to fix them up on my computer, but I never have.

I recommend reading the instructions before beginning, it provides some great tips when it comes to color correcting your digital images. I liked that the editing choices were not the basic "temperature, brightness & contrast." It had quite a few options such as tint, black & white points, brightness & shadow, highlights..etc.

The auto correct worked a lot better in this app than the auto correct attached to my camera roll on my phone. So even if I was going to be lazy & just do the auto correct, iCorrect will make it look better.

I really liked that when I saved an image it did not save on top of my original, but created a copy. I really dislike that my camera roll will save over my original rather than create a copy. This gives me the peace of mind that I won't ruin a great photo by saving on top of it.

There were a few things that irked me though. The sliders are intuitive, but it is hard to be precise with my fingers when sliding the ball. When I got into the file settings, I changed all of the settings to save my images as high quality, however when I emailed the picture at the highest quality, it was still slightly resized from the original.

icorrect color editing example


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