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Photo Sync

PhotoSync is the first app that makes wireless transfer of your photos/videos from/to your computer as well as to your iPad, iPhone, iPod touch - a breeze!


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Photo Sync Review | Star RatingReviewer: Brent Larsen
July 10, 2013

PhotoSync allows you to transform photo handling forever. It makes wireless transfer of your photos and videos from your iOS device to your computer, another iOS device, and a whole slew of services including Dropbox, Facebook, SmugMug, 500px, Flickr, Box, sftp, ftp, WebDAV, SkyDrive, Google Drive, and Google+ Picasa.

One area that Apple's iOS falls short in is a true backup method for photos and videos. Apple's Photostream is hardly a true backup because it only maintains photos for 60 days and Photostream doesn't allow videos to be stored. The PhotoSync app is an excellent way to get around this limitation. With PhotoSync you can do a daily or weekly backup of your photos AND videos via Wi-Fi to your computer and/or almost every cloud service out there. Personally, I have a reminder that goes off once a week to remind me to back up my photos and videos. I launch PhotoSync and in about 15 seconds I can select what to backup and launch the process. I can typically backup a week's worth of photos and videos to my computer, Flickr, and Google Drive in less than 10 minutes.

Computer to iOS device transfers.
Another great feature of PhotoSync is the ability to transfer video and photo files from your computer to your iPhone or iPad. This feature is very handy right before leaving home on vacation when you want to include a ripped video or two to watch on the long flight. I didn't test every cloud interface but I did test the transfer of both video and photos to: Dropbox, sftp, Google Drive, and Flickr; all with positive results.

Feature that I would like to see in the future: In app scheduling of photo and video transfers.


Photo Sync Review | Star Rating Reviewer: Kristin Harding
July 12, 2013

PhotoSync is an app that allows you to transfer your photos & videos to another device or the cloud- so what!? Lot's of apps allow you to transfer your files wirelessly to your cloud service or computer. The thing that makes PhotoSync unique and an invaluable tool, is that you can sync to all the major cloud providers, along with your computer with one app. Now that got my attention. I have an app that transfers my photos and videos to my computer, and a separate app that transfers the same files to my Google Drive account, and another app that transfers the same files to my Flickr account...etc. PhotoSync allows me to transfer & easily manage the my files from one app instead of trying to manage multiple apps.

Set up was a breeze, I authorized the app to my Google Drive & Flickr account in under a minute. The option settings are extremely simple to use and isn't full of confusing jargon that my computer geek brothers have to explain to me. In less than a few minutes I had already started transferring files to my Flickr account.

The only real thing that I really really wish was avails is automatic syncing when on wifi or a schedule sync. I try to be diligent in backing up my photos, but in reality, I go weeks before I back something up. With two of the worlds most adorable children (I'm a little biased) at any given time I have photos that I deem precious, amazing, adorable and irreplaceable. If I actually lost my phone or it broke the thing that would upset me (besides buying a new phone) is the loss of my photos. PhotoSync helps reduce my chances of losing my photos when the day comes that I do lose my phone, but the automated sync would certainly make the loss less upsetting.


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