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PicFrame Review

PicFrame helps you combine multiple photos and videos into amazing looking frames and share them with your friends and family via Instagram, Facebook, Email, Twitter, and more!


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Pic Frame Review | Star RatingReviewer: Kristin Harding
February 27, 2014

I was looking for an app where I could quickly make a collage of my boys when they were about 2 years old and compare them to a picture of my husband and me when we were two years old. I came across PicFrame, so I thought I would check it out.

At first glance, it was user friendly and was the typical photo collage app. Then I realized that I could import videos inside the collage, not just photos. WHAT?! It had never occurred to me to even do that, and I was so excited about all the cool things I can make with it.

When you first open PicFrame it offers you 7 pages of layout options. Adding photos is simple, just tap on the open frame and it will give you the option to choose a photo from your camera roll or take a photo. Adjusting the photos up & down is simple, but I struggled with zooming in & out. Supposedly it was the basic "pinch" method, but I had problems with it. My fingers must be too fat.

One little feature that I LOVED was the ability to customize the layout once you have chosen it. For example, if you have a frame that is tall and narrow, but you need it to be just a little bit wider, you can drag out the frame to widen it.

PicFrame offers all the usual features such as sepia, fade, grayscale to give your collage a little more personality. You can also change the color & the width of your frame. When adding captions, you are given a wide choice of fonts and styles. You can change the color or the style of the borders, even adding a holiday theme to it.

Overall I was happy with this app. It offered all the features I am used to and expected and offered some new creative features that separates it from the rest of the other collage apps. You can easily export your creation to Flickr, Instagram & other apps, but I wish that it offered an export to YouTube. Another feature I would like to see added in the future is the ability to add music.

picframe example and review

People always exclaim to me "Your boys look just like you!" Then 5 min tues later someone tells me, "Your boys look just like your husband!" So what's the verdict? Who do the boys resemble more??

The top picture is my oldest son, the middle pictures are my husband and me when we were around 2 years old, and the bottom pictures are my youngest son.


My son had "Super Hero Day" at his Preschool. He decided he wanted to be "Water Man" and his arch enemy was the "Fire Farter" and he sprayed water on his fire farts. His catch phrase is "It's Time To Cool Off!"