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You don't need to have a subscription with any cloud provider. We will send you a link where you can download your digital image, video files & audio files directly to your computer.

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Larsen Digital Scanning Serivce    


We will upload your digital images into your personal Google Drive account. Once your files are uploaded into your account, you can store & view your digital images and download them directly to your computer.

If you plan to download your images from either us, or a cloud provider, you need to have high speed internet, not dial up internet. To determine what internet speed you have, use this speed test.

How it works:
Either option, whether you choose to download your files, or have us upload the files to your cloud provider are great choices. You just need to decide which choice is best for you. Is your end goal to get them on your home computer by the click of a link? Or is your end goal getting your files backed up on the cloud? Even after your files are uploaded to your cloud account, you can download your digital images from the cloud - keeping a back up on your computer & on the cloud. If you just want to quickly download your digital images and video files, pick our direct download service. If you want to get your files backed up on the cloud, then you will want to choose our cloud upload service. When you fill out your order form you will choose whether you want your digital images uploaded to DropBox, OneDrive or Google Drive. The choice is yours!