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Image Rotation

image rotation, digital correction of slides, negatives, photos

Slides, negatives & photos will have been taken in either landscape or portrait orientation. Everything has to be scanned in the landscape orientation, but afterwards, we will rotate your images for you. This way, everything is oriented correctly on your discs.

How to rotate your images

Digital pictures that come off your camera will need to be rotated before you can easily view them on your computer. There any many free online software available to allow you to rotate your images. A free software you can use is Pixlr Editor. This software allows you import your photo and easily rotate it.

Step 1: Click on "Open Image From Computer" and then select your image.

Step 2: Go to your tool bar at the top & with your mouse click "Image" and a drop down will appear.

Step 3: With your mouse, select whether you want to rotate your image 90 degrees left, right or 180 degrees.

Step 4 Once your image is rotated correct, go to your tool bar again & select "File" and then go down to "Save" and select where on your hard drive you want to save your image.

Thats it!

If you have a lot of images to rotate, doing it one by one will take forever. You will want to look into good batch editing software. We personally love the Adobe package, and you can batch rotate using Adobe Bridge. However, you can still accomplish this by using less expensive, or even free software.