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Scanning Kodachrome Film

For some companies, scanning Kodachrome slides is a challenge because they do not have the professional software & professional staff to handle difficult film like Kodachrome. As you can see from the images to the right, Kodachrome film has a strong blue cast.

Certain measures are taken when we encounter Kodachrome slides. First, we have specific settings we apply to Kodachrome slides to reduce the amount of blue cast that is visible in the digital scan. After the slide has been scanned and is converted to a digital image, we have trained digital photo editors that are able to eliminate the blue even further.

Individual results will vary based on the condition of the Kodachrome film
and the extent of the blue cast.



kodachrome scanning to disc cd dvd digital

All images will receive Standard Color correction, which will automatically correct fade, color balance, contrast, brightness and image rotation. If you feel that your Kodachrome images will need extra time & attention when they are digitally color corrected, you can select our premium service level. Our premium service level will allow us to really work on reducing the amount of blue cast in your digital image.

About Kodachrome Film:
Kodachrome film was introduced in 1935 by Kodak, it was one of the first color film available & was used in video and still photography. Kodachrome film is well known for it's dark storage longevity, which reduces the speed of the film degradation. Due to the way the dyes are incorporated in the film Kodachrome film is known for its sharp picture quality. When stored properly, Kodachrome film will retain it's color accuracy better than other film types.