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Meet our partner: Legacy Books

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Converting your photos, slides and negatives to digital is the only way to preserve & protect your legacy. However, once that is done, what are you going to do to showcase your legacy? How will you share your legacy for your family & future generations? Having your digital images incorporated with your family history, woven into a beautifully written story will create a book that will be passed down for generations.

Legacy Books captures the detail and texture of your personal or professional legacy in a beautifully designed, professionally written leather-bound book. Using the information that you provide- including your digital photographs, letters, business documents, journals and more - they will produce a lasting record that will be treasured for generations.

Legacy Books can create any type of product that captures the essence of your legacy. They have a team of researchers, writers, editors and designers that will create your customized book.

Contact John at Legacy Books, either by phone 801-830-0035 or email and discuss what kind of project you are envisioning and how Legacy Books can make it come true.

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Larsen Digital is proud to have a working partnership with Legacy Books. They are currently working as our Riverton drop off location for our customers. If you are unable to make the drive to our office, you can set an appointment with John to drop your order off to him.