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Mini DV to Digital Video File: $23.90 $17.00 Per Tape


Add a DVD to your transfer: $6.00 $5.00 Per Tape

You receive the digital video file,
a FREE DVD for just $22!

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Minimum Order $20 Details


We convert Mini DV tapes to digital, whether you want your files saved onto a DVD or an MP4 Video File- or both!

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If you want to view your Mini DV video tape in on your TV, then we can transfer your video tape to a DVD. You can watch your DVD on your TV and any computer capable of playing DVD's.

Mini DV Videos converted to disc will be saved to a DVD, and each tape will be stored on it's own DVD. Mini DV Tapes will also be returned in a dual DVD case.



movie film to mp4 video file

When you choose to receive your Mini DV video tapes as an MP4 video file, you have the freedom. We all lead busy lives, and now you have the capability to take your video tape files with you wherever you go! Whether it's on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop, watch your digitized video tapes on your favorite device.

video tape to thumb drive video tape to hard drive

You can have your video files saved to a data disc, thumb drive, or hard drive.

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Mini DV tapes are the most common type of video tape that is still being filmed today. Mini DV tapes are available in either High Definition or Standard Definition. Although Mini DV tapes offer the highest quality when it comes to video tapes, watching them back on your television or computer can be problematic. Mini DV tapes were introduced in 1995, and have since gained popularity over other types of video tapes.

One of the great things about Mini DV is the quality of the video that comes off the video tapes. Due in part to the recent age of the Mini DV tape and the higher quality of video tapes, when converted to digital, the Mini DV tapes look great. However, just because your video is stored on a Mini DV doesn't mean it's safe. If the tape inside is damaged at all, whether it's from being dropped or from a dirty machine it will cause digital distortion. This digital distortion causes pixelation in your video and the damage can be irreversible.

All of our Mini DV Tapes are converted to digital as 480x720.

Once your Mini DV has been converted to digital, the possibilities are endless. You can watch a DVD on your TV and even have copies made to share with friends & family. MP4 video files can be edited on your home computer to create custom clips.


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