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Artist Paints Portraits With Mold

Typically when we see slides arrive covered in mold we are sad for our customer, because mold eats away at your film. However, there is an artist who saw beauty in mold and has created some beautiful pictures of mold covered film. Check it out!

Photo from 1838 is the oldest photo of a human

A photo taken in Paris France that dates to 1838 shows a person having their shoes shined on a street corner. What is remarkable, is that this photo is the earliest photo documented featuring a human being. CNN News Story

Getting Rid of Cord Clutter

October 14, 2014

I have a cord for my cell phone, my husbands cell phone, my Ipad... and few random USB cords. I keep my counters clean, but no matter what, all those cords leave my kitchen counter looking messy & cluttered. There are many cord organizers out there, but this was the first cord winder that I have ever come across. Check it out!

Do you fear being away from your phone?

September 29, 2014

Would I be willing to go 1 week without shoes to avoid going 1 week without my phone... maybe. According to a U.K. Study, many of us suffer from NOMOPHOIA, which is fear of being away from your phone. Check out their very entertaining article and infographic to illustrate their main points.

Wikipedia Summer of Monuments Is Working To Capture Historic Sites

September 22, 2014

Wikipedia has reached out to the public to help capture & preserve historic sites located in your state/town. To help inspire people, they are having a contest to whoever takes the best picture can receive up to $500 - hurry! The contest ends September 30th.

To find sites that are considered historical, visit United States National Register of Historic Places listings .

For more information, visit Wikipedia Summer of Monuments Page.