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We now offer our customers the ability to have all their digital images scanned and then uploaded into their personal OneDrive account. This means that you can access your digital files wherever and whenever you want.

  • PC or Mac

  • iPhone & iPad

  • Android Devices

  • Xbox

  • Windows Tablet

  • Windows Phone

OneDrive cloud mobile access scanning service



Instant Access - Instant Download

Once your files are scanned & converted they will be uploaded into your personal OneDrive account where you can view the files and download them to your home computer.

No more waiting for a discs!

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Share with Friends & Family

The best part about having your old media converted to digital is the ability to preserve & share your digital images. OneDrive has made it so easy to share your files with friends and family. You will send them a link where they can view & download the files you give them access to.

  OneDrive cloud download



Safely Store

Hard drives crash & discs fail - it isn't a matter of if, but when. Make sure you have your files stored securely on the cloud, so that no matter what disaster hits your home, your irreplaceable files are protected.

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Get Started!

OneDrive cloud storage scanning service  

On your order form select OneDrive under the media section. You will be directed to a secure OneDrive page where you will allow Larsen Digital to put files into your OneDrive account. Don't worry, this will not give us access to any of your personal account info, it only allows us to put the files in your account.

If you don't already have a OneDrive account, you can sign up here.

Learn more about OneDrive Here