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Back Up All Your Digital Files & Videos In The Cloud

Cloud storage is everywhere, and there are many great companies to choose from. The trick is finding the company that is right for you and your needs and getting your files backed up. Discs are great to store data on - but not long term. Discs can be lost, scratched or even corrupted. The best place to keep your data backed up is in the cloud.

Our suggestion: We recommend having at least 2 backups, because you just never know what could happen. First, if you already have your files on a disc, copy the contents of the disc onto your computer. That counts as 1 back up. Discs are not reliable to really count as a "backup", so we are not going to count that. From then, we recommend copying the files to either a second computer in your home, or an external hard drive. This hard drive can be stored in your home, or some people have been known to store it at a family member's home or in a safety deposit box. The logic for storing a backup outside your home is that it prevents both of your backups being lost if your house floods or burns down. Our personal favorite for backing up your digital files is using the cloud. This gives you access to your files, while also keeping them safe if your house floods, burns down, or hard drive crashes or gets lost.

Here are a few cloud service providers:

Google Drive

Data Retention