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Getting Your Order Prepared Is Easy!

easy preparation for slide, negative, movie film and print scanning

Just gather your Slides, Negatives, Photos, Videos & Movie film;
fill out the order form, and send it to us.

For more detailed preparation instructions, here are individual preparation instructions.
Just Click on the picture below.

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Slides Negatives Movie Film Photos Video Tape



If you have different sizes of film, they will need to be scanned separately.
We can not intermix different sizes of film because each size requires a special scanner.
Our Online Image Organizer will allow you to create the exact sequence
after your images have been scanned.

For a full list of our handling fees Click Here

Process from Beginning to End

easy steps from beginning to end, scanning slides easy


Step by Step Process

Step 1: Fill out your order form online & print it out and include it with your shipment.
Step 2: You will want to ship your order to us, we recommend either UPS or Fedex.
Step 3: Once your order has been received it will be inspected and prepped to be scanned.
Step 4: Order put in production & scanned.
Step 5: Order is moved to the editing phase & will be color correct (for digital images.
Step 6: Discs are created (or prepped for upload).
Step 7: Final quality check.
Step 8: Credit card is billed.
Step 9: Picked up by our shipment carrier or ready for local pick up.
Step 10: Your order arrives for you to enjoy!