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FREE Digital Color Correction


free color correction on all images

Standard Editing

All images will receive FREE standard color correction which corrects rotation, fading, color balance, brightness & contrast. Examples

Premium Editing

If you feel your slides are very discolored & will need extra attention, you should choose our premium editing service. This will ensure that extra time & attention is spent color correcting your slide images. Examples

View Online & Delete Un-wanted Scans

delete unwanted scans


View & Organize Online

Organize your slides once they are digital images- we will put them online for your to view & organie.

Delete Un-wanted Scans

Using our online viewing tool, you can delete un-wanted slide images by moving it to the trash. You can delete up to 10% of your order & not pay! Can't be combined with any other discount or coupon.

Just select the online image organization on your order form.
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Scanning Resolution

Slide scanning resolution guide

The resoltuion you choose is the most important decision you will make.
The higher your scanning resolution, the higher your quality.

See a sample of different scanning resolutions.

Professional Equipment

We use the Nikon 5000 film scanner for our slides, which provides significantly higher quality than flat bed scanners or consumer purchased slide scanners. We use Digital Ice on all our slide scans, which minimizes dust, finger prints & scratches.
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What Type of Slides Do I have?

The following slides are covered under the 35mm slide pricing.

35mm Slide Conversion, Digital, Process, Scanning 110 Format Slide Conversion, Digital, Process, Scanning 126 Format Slide Conversion, Digital, Process, Scanning
35mm Super Slide Conversion, Digital, Process, Scanning 35mm Half Frame Slide Conversion, Digital, Process, Scanning


Not Your Type of Slide?

slide types, medium format, 35mm old slide film

We scan all types of Slides.

Here is a quick guide to determine your Slide type.
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Sale Prices!

Sale Ends on March 1th

2000 DPI: 52¢ Per Slide
3000 DPI: 55¢ Per Slide
4000 DPI: 58¢ Per Slide

35mm slide scanning, lowest price, highest quality, professional scans to digital,

Minimum Order $20 Details


Download Your Files

cloud upload | download files

We will upload your files to the cloud or you can download the files from us!
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Free Sample Scanning

If you are unsure whether we are the right company for you, or whether you just need to test the waters before sending out all your film, we understand. That is why we are offing free sample scans for your 35mm Slides.
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free sample scan form

*It may take a moment to download the form.

Scanned in the USA

We would never send your irreplaceable 35mm Slides outside the country like other companies do. We do all our Slide scanning in the USA! . More Info

35mm Slide scanning what to ask

DVD Video Slideshow

dvd video slideshow slides scanning cd

Want to view your slides on your TV? Add a DVD Video Slideshow! For more information about our DVD Slideshow offerings.

Processing Time

Our turnaround time is based off our current scanning back-log. Click here to see our current processing times.

Getting Started

Getting your slide order ready to send in is easy! Check out our simple Prep Instructions.

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