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Our Terminology

Archival Image
A digital image taken at the highest practicable resolution and stored securely

Color Accuracy

Fidelity of color in the scanned image with that in the original

Color Cast Removal
Removal of an unwanted 'wash' of color, performed in an image editing application

Color Correction
Performed with image editing software or scanning software, ensuring scanned color fidelity with the original

An algorithm that is applied to a digital image to reduce its file size. Compression can be either Lossy or Lossless

Contrast Adjustment
Adjusting the difference between the lightest and darkest areas of an image

A method of discarding extraneous material from a digital image e.g. borders created during the scanning process

A compressed file format widely used today in digital cameras, computer applications, email and web pages.  Named after the Joint Photographic Experts Group who devised it. The JPEG format compresses images but sacrifices image detail (lossy compression)

Lossless Compression
A compression algorithm that reduces a file size but does not loose any data. The uncompressed image is identical to the original

Lossy Compression
A compression algorithm that reduces file size by actually removing data from the image. The post-compressed image is different from the pre-compressed image, even though they may look identical (visually lossless)

A form of lossless compression available in TIFF files.  LZW compression is proprietary. The acronym LZW is derived from the names of its creators Lempel-Ziv and Welch.  We can provide this type of file upon request.  File size reduction is only about 25%.

Transferring digital data to new storage media to avoid the effects of media deterioration.

Scanning Resolution: The amount of information that is captured during the scan -- expressed as Dots (pixels) Per Inch.

Thumbnail Image
Small, low resolution preview, often hyper linked to a high resolution version of the same image

Tagged Image File Format. A widely used non-compressed file format used today in high end graphic applications and for archival purpose.

White Balance
An adjustment made by a capture device to correct for any color bias due to the color temperature of the light source