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Terms and Conditions -- Notices & Disclaimers:

By placing an order and sending media to Larsen Digital Services, customer agrees to abide by all terms and conditions herewithin.

When you placed this order your credit card was pre-authorized for the estimated cost of your order. Your bank has verified that the credit card you have entered is valid, has the correct cvv number and the correct address and zip code and contains sufficient funds to cover this purchase. Your bank may place a hold on this amount until we process the actual "charge" when your order completes. By placing an order with Larsen Digital Services you are agreeing to allow Larsen Digital Services to charge your credit card for all services rendered and acknowledge that the transaction might not occur until several weeks after the initial order form submittal due to processing time.

You should receive an email that contains the "Authorized" information for your order. You will receive another email(s) when we actually bill your card at order completion and/or IOS upload.

Please review the instructions pertaining to slide/negative/photo/ or scrapbook page preparation before packaging your slides for shipment. Preparation and packaging instructions can be found at

Your actual shipping cost could be more or less than this estimate depending on your location, your selection of signature required, and the packaging materials that you send in and want returned to you (carousels, metal cases, binders, etc.)


Digital ICE (Infrared Cleaning) will not work on Black and White film and will be turned off during all B&W scans.


Larsen Digital Services reserves the right to refuse to convert, scan, and or edit any video tape, photo, or negative that contains nudity.

If you are submitting APS film, your film will be taken out of the canister, cut into strips of 4 and scanned. Your film will be returned in negative sheet protectors.

We will not guarantee results from scanning artwork. It has been our experience that the scanning of photographed artwork is extremely difficult to achieve the desired results of the artist.

Slide mounts that are severely warped or bent may not be suitable for scanning. If we encounter problems with your mounts, we will notify you and present you with a couple of different options depending on the severity of the problem. In rare cases, the slides must be mounted in new mounts. We do charge a service fee for remounting -- or we can return the slides to you so that you can remount them yourself.

Minimum Order $20 Details

Terms & Conditions of Service:

Client warrants that the media submitted to Larsen Digital Services for processing is not protected by a third party copyright owner or if protected, the client has obtained permission to make copies. Client also agrees to protect and indemnify Larsen Digital Services (or its assignees) from any costs related to copyright infringement.

I agree to all notices, terms and conditions.