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Transfer Slides to DVD !


Here at Larsen Digital we are the digitization specialists so you we transfer slides to DVD.
What better way to bring your memories back to life than having your slides transfer to DVD?!

transfer slides to dvd

2000 DPI: 52¢ Per Slide

3000 DPI: 55¢ Per Slide

4000 DPI: 58¢ Per Slide

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Minimum Order $20 Details


Step 1

Choose Resolution

First, you will need to decide what resolution you want to transfer your slides at. The higher you go, the higher quality digital image you will get.
Learn more about resolution choices.

Step 2

Estimate Quantity

Next, you will want to estimate the quantity of slides you wan to transfer to DVD. You don't need an exact count, just get a good estimate so you know what your total is expected to be. Learn more about preparing your slides

Step 3

Fill Our Order Form

Next, just fill out our order form. You will just need to enter in your resolution, & enter your estimated quantity of slides you are having us transfer. You can transfer you slides to a DVD, uploaded to the cloud or download the files right to your home computer. Learn more about File Downloads


Disc Choices

transfer slides to dvd | disc options

Once we transfer slides you can have the digital images saved to a disc for your computer, or you can have a DVD Video Slideshow. A DVD Video Slideshow will play on your TV like a movie. Learn more about our DVD Video Slideshow.




Digital Color Correction

transfer slides to dvd | digital color correction



All of your slides will be edited at the standard level for FREE! As slides age, the dyes begin to fade leaving a discolored digital image. We will provide free automatic color correction to transfer the life back to your precious memories.